Factors to Consider When Buying an Engagement Ring

If you think she is going to say yes, and you are about to ask the big question, you have to be armed with a great ring to accompany the question. Who knows, she might see the huge stone and not think twice! Anyway, on a serious note, it is always a good gesture to make sure that you give the woman of your dreams a ring she will love for your engagement. This one is usually harder than buying a wedding ring because you can do that together. Here are some of the things you need to have in mind when buying an engagement ring.

Make it a Surprise
An engagement ring should be given as a surprise. Of course, this is usually hard for the guys because you might not be sure about the answer especially if you have only been dating for a short while. Nevertheless, if you want to make it romantic, the surprise element almost always gets them! Sometimes they might know you are about to do it but do not spoil the fun by making it obvious. Learn more about  Turner's Jewelers, go here. 

Find Out Her Size
You can know her size easily if you live near her you can sneak away with one of her regular rings, which can be used to for measurement purposes. Guessing the size is part of what makes this a challenge; but hey, this is the woman you love and do not worry, you will be doing things that are far much difficult than this for her if she ends up saying yes. Take a look at this link  http://www.turnersjewelers.com/  for more information. 

Make Sure it Suits Her Style
You need to know what you lady loves. Diamonds are indeed a woman's best friend. However, there are certain women who prefer to get a gemstone rather than a diamond. When you get the ring, which suits her style, it may increase the chances of her saying yes by a small percentage; but jokes aside, you need to simply show her that you care enough to notice what she loves. This will give you a good head start in this relationship since you want to make it long term.

Get her a Quality Ring
Quality matters! You need to ensure that you are doing your research well on the type of ring you are buying. You can always read some reviews to ensure you purchase a ring from a credible source that will not sell you cheap stuff. Cheap does not necessarily mean price, but it can refer to quality because you can get some great rings at an affordable price.